Friday, August 10, 2018

Different Types Of Crystals And Benefits They Offer

As our lifestyles get increasingly hectic, and almost chaotic, we face the brunt in more ways than we can imagine. Many of us deal with emotional distress and anxiety, which can affect our wellbeing. There are many physical issues that are caused by the high levels of stress as well. You simply cannot rely on medicinal methods to combat these issues every time. That’s the reason alternative therapies are becoming increasingly prevalent. If that’s something on your mind as well then you can benefit to a large extent from the power of Crystals.
Clear quartz is an energy amplifier and holds strong healing powers.
These naturally occurring stones have been used by shamans, priests, gurus and healers for centuries now. There is a strong belief that they vibrate at the same pace as our bodies. In fact, the resonance is so strong that it is capable of fighting the vibrations of ill-health. There are many alternative therapy practitioners that are harnessing their benefits for their clients in several ways. You can also find various types of Crystals in different colors, which are known to offer you unique benefits. We will try and look at the most popular options and the benefits they offer you.
Red agate crystals protect the holder from negative energies and keeps one grounded.
Warm colored options
When it comes to Healing properties of these stones, Ruby a red option is considered for the energy and stimulation. If you want to improve your daily practical skills then this is the right options. Pink colored Rose Quartz is usually used by people with confidence issues. It has been known to promote self-love, which is at the heart of confident personalities. Orange colored Carnelian is another powerful option that is considered ideal for those working in creative fields. Citrine Quartz amplifies the benefits of clear Yellow, which is associated with clarity of mind for those who need direction for the future.

Aquamarine crystals hold calming energy. They reduce stress and ease the mind.

Cool colored options
Green colored Crystals are talked about when it comes to emotions. Green Aventurine and Malachite can help you with letting go of negative emotions and spreading cheeriness in your life. When people talk of Light Blue options, they consider the throat, which directly relates to communication skills. Celestite and Aquamarine are both strong options that are also quite easy on the eye. Indigo Azurite is all about perception and is known to benefit people with memory related issues. Amethyst is the most popular Violet option associated with empathy and imagination.
Many other Crystals including Black and White options can offer you phenomenal benefits based on your specific needs.

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