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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Working With Crystals

The first thing I want to point out is that although there is energy inside crystals, this energy alone cannot give us what we expect from the crystals. We have to tap into the energy of the crystals using our own energy and our will to bring good things to us. Using crystals is a learning process.

Different crystals hold different vibrations.  Image credit: JosepMonter

A person wrote on my Facebook page that the only power a stone has is when you throw it. Obviously, this person didn’t take science class in school because everything on this earth is made of energy and holds vibrations. The key is learning how to use this energy and sync our vibrations with those of the crystals. This may sound complicated but it’s not really. It just takes patience and concentration.

Smokey Quartz is a powerful crystal that the ancient Druids held as a stone of power.  Image credit: Simcraft
There are several steps in the process of using crystals. The first thing that is the most important is choosing a crystal. We can pick a crystal from a website, book, or go to a crystal store and look at them in person. Holding a stone in our hands is the best way to choose a crystal. Think about the warmth and comfort you feel when you’re with your love, best friend, or even your dog. That same feeling can come from a crystal. Hold each crystal for several moments to see how it feels to you. If you focus on it you should be able to feel it vibrate. Choose the crystal or crystals that resonate with you. These are the crystals you can work with. 

Each crystal has it's own essence. The makeup of the crystal determines it's energy and vibrational frequency.
Purchase your crystals and take them home. Once you have them in your possession there are three things you need to do.

  1. Cleanse your crystal
  2. Connect with your crystal
  3. Set your intentions

Before starting these three steps think about your intentions or what you want your crystals to do for you. Do you want them to heal you physically or spiritually? Do you want them to bring harmony to your family or friends? Once you’ve made your decisions write each of your intentions down on a piece of paper. This will help you to remember them and keep the crystals on track.

Medicine pouches contain complimentary crystals that have one purpose. 

Once you know what your intentions are and have written them down you need to cleanse your crystals. There are several ways to cleanse crystals. If your crystal is the size of a fist you can bury it in the ground and leave it for 24 hours. This not only cleanses the crystal but recharges it with the earth’s energy.  A crystal can be cleansed by placing it in under the sun or full moon for four hours. Be careful of placing colored crystals in sunlight for too long. The sun can bleach them out. I cleanse my crystals by smudging. This practice originated with the American Indians. Smudging is using smoke to cleanse a space or an item. We can even cleanse ourselves with this smoke. Frankincense resin can be used so can Copal or White Sage. I use white sage and hold the crystal over the smoke, turning it to cover all of the sides of the crystal.

A smudging set can be obtained through Etsy or Amazon. Smudging is the easiest way to cleanse crystals.

Once you’ve cleansed your crystal you need to connect to it spiritually through vibrations. Sit upright in chair in a room where it is quiet. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Hold your cleansed crystal in your hands, close your eyes and focus on your faith, your belief in a higher power or the power of the earth, whatever your belief system is. Then concentrate on the things that make you very happy. This could be your family, friends, pets, or anything.  These strong emotional thoughts omit the highest vibrations. Through these high vibrations you will connect with the crystal. While in this state speak out loud, I ask that the highest vibration of light and love release all negative energy and any prior programming from this crystal.

We are drawn to crystals due to their color, texture, or shape. There is no right or wrong choice of a crystal. Image credit: Angelsover

Immediately after making this request you need to program your crystal. Set your intentions for the crystal. Hold your crystal over your third eye Chakra (the middle of the forehead right above the bridge of the nose). Speak out loud saying the intention for the crystal. This can be one intention or up to three intentions. These are the energies you want the crystal to hold for you. For instance, “I program this crystal to bring me serenity.” State this intention or intentions three times and speak in a firm tone. Once you’ve stated your intention(s) say “Thank you” three times. Then place the crystal on your nightstand, desk, or carry it with you in your pocket or purse. Take the paper with the written intention and put it under the crystal. If you carry your crystal with you put the written intention in a safe place where you can find it. This is to remind you what your crystal is working for.

Emeralds are one of my favorites. They hold protective ward off toxins.

Some people may not believe that using crystals in this manner will do anything to help them. The whole thing depends on the individual. Any metaphysical work depends on one’s energy, strengths, and abilities. I used to think I was as thick as a post and couldn’t feel energy or connect with anything from a spirit to a crystal. I was wrong. I found out that I can feel energy and connect to crystals and spirits. All it took was practice and belief in myself. Meditation helps us get to a higher plane. It not only helps us connect to our inner strength but it helps us connect to spirits as well.

We are energy and we hold powerful vibrations within us. Image credit Digital Artist

There is a power within each of us that lies silent until we choose to use it. Our minds are much more powerful than we think they are. There are ways to delve deep into our minds and consciousness. To start simply just remember positive thoughts bring good things and negative thoughts bring bad things. We have the power to bring change into our lives, crystals are the tools provided by the earth that we can use to make this change.   

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