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Spirit Communication - Is a Loved One Trying to Contact You?

Have you ever lost someone close to you and sometimes felt like they are trying to communicate with you from the other side? Have you ever caught the scent of cologne that the deceased person wore or had wind chimes ring when there is no breeze?

When our loved ones leave us, they can come back to check on us. If you were extremely close to someone who passed, I believe that not only will they check on you but they will watch over you.

Spirits aren't always visible. Sometimes you can feel their energy.


In the 1980’s my best friend Joni and I worked in a very stressful department in a bank. We hadn’t known each other very long but our circumstances drew us closer together. We used to walk together through the halls and catwalks going to and from lunch, or taking documents to other departments. We leaned on each other during hard times.

In 1988 Joni was diagnosed with leukemia. She fought it for two years but it took her life in 1990. I was devastated. I was lost without her. Not long after she passed I was walking over to another building and suddenly Joni popped into my head. I thought of how much I missed her and how she had such a strong energy. As I started across the catwalk I had a really intense feeling that she was actually there walking beside me. I suddenly stopped and slowly turned around. I didn’t see her but I felt her energy there. I smiled and stood there for a moment. I’m sure whoever was reviewing the security cameras thought I had a screw loose. I felt that she was there to comfort me and let me know that she was okay. After that, somehow, I knew I could go on without her.

A cardinal may suddenly appear to let you know that your loved one is watching over you. Image credit: skeeze


Spirits have different ways of getting our attention:

Cardinals will appear at opportune times.  

Lights will flicker.

Your dog or cat will stare at something that you don’t see.

You hear the voice of your loved one calling your name or saying something they used to say.

You hear the type of music your loved one used to listen to.

Something is moved to a place where you didn’t put it.

You see white figures moving in your peripheral vision. They go by doorways or peek around corners.

You smell the cologne that your loved one used to wear then it dissipates.


Some people don’t believe in ghosts until they have an encounter that they can’t explain. There are coincidences, of course, but a large number of coincidences isn’t likely. Don’t be quick to dismiss all of these events. There comes a time when we have to be open-minded to discover new things. Many people that want to have a paranormal experience never seem to have one. I think this is because they are quick to dismiss the odd things that happen.

Have you ever had a situation where you’re trying to solve a problem, then you suddenly think of a deceased loved one? Then you think of a solution to your problem. Spirits can communicate with us without speaking by putting thoughts in our heads. Mediums usually communicate with spirits through mind to mind communication. Our minds are amazing things. The sad fact is that we don’t use them as much as we could.
Wind Chimes are lightweight and easy for spirits to move. Image credit: StarbuckATC


I lost my Dad in 2004. He was a huge gardener. He grew every vegetable and fruit that he possibly could in the Midwest. Dad was particular about his garden tools being cleaned and put away as well as the way his garden was kept. We had a shed at the back of our property where we kept the gardening tools and the mowers. After he passed, one day I had been working in the yard and went into the house without shutting the doors to the shed. When I went out later to shut the doors, I noticed they were already shut and latched. I walked up to the shed and was trying to figure out how in the world those doors could be shut. My Mother told me later that she didn’t do it and there was no one else on the property. As I was looking around I looked down on the walk where the cement block had been holding the door back. Clear as day there was a wet mark on the walk in the shape of an E. The dampness on the bottom of the concrete block should have left the imprint of an 8. It didn’t, it was an E. My Dad’s name was Everett. I immediately knew it was a sign from him and I felt his energy present. I looked up, smiled, and said “thanks, Dad”. I knew that if Dad would have been alive he would have been scolding me for not shutting the doors to the shed. That time he shut them for me.

My Mother passed in 2015. She always enjoyed the sound of my windchimes when she was alive. Now and then, she likes to ring my windchimes that are inside the house. Many times, I just sense her being with me.
Investigating the paranormal has taken me to some incredible places. A white anomaly was caught in the choir loft of a 100-year-old church.  Image credit: G Gamble


I joined a paranormal team in 2010. Mom always wanted to go on an investigation with us when she was alive, but she wasn’t physically able to do so. I’ve received several messages from my Mom since she passed. My dear friend is a medium and Mom knew her. Now Mom drops in and talks to my friend without notice. My Mother is a very strong spirit! She came through when my cousin was having a reading with another medium. He called me to tell me that she came through and wanted him to tell me that she loves me. That experience really got to me. Mom also likes to drop in during investigations and play with our equipment. Gone is the older lady with Alzheimer's who was confused and heartbroken. Now my Mother is strong and energetic. 

We are energy. When we die that energy moves on to another form.


Whatever your beliefs are, there is life after death. The laws of thermodynamics state that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.” We are energy. When we die that energy (or soul) changes form. What happens after that is a great mystery. I do know from my paranormal experiences that many spirits are happy. Spirits are like we are. Some are sad, some are angry, and others are just lost. Some spirits are watching over family members like my Mom and Dad, and I am very thankful for that.

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