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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ghost Hunts Can Save Historic Sites

I’ve always been interested in history. My Dad was a history buff and I’m carrying on his tradition. A lot of people don’t like history which puzzles me. Don’t they want to know about their roots? What about the history of their town or the area in which they grew up? Well, no matter how you feel about history, it is important. Why? It’s important because it goes hand in hand with hauntings. Yes, hauntings!

The Missouri State Penitentiary is one of the most haunted places in America

Our history is peppered with violence, high emotions, and trauma. These emotions and actions leave marks, or imprints on places. Historic sites like prisons, asylums, factories, hospitals, and group homes all contain imprints of these strong emotions. Many of these places have spirits that have yet to move on. So, most of these historic sites have ghosts, some have many ghosts.

Some people have smelled baking bread in the kitchen of the 1859 Jailers home.
Most people are fascinated with ghosts. The multiple ghost hunting shows on cable TV has created a huge interest in ghost hunting for the general public. People don’t want to just watch someone hunting ghosts, they want to hunt ghosts too! This has created a demand for historic sites to hold public ghost hunts.

The owners of the old Odd Fellows home in Liberty Missouri have ghost hunts to pay for remodeling the main building.
There are thousands of historic sites around the world. Many of them are struggling because young people aren’t really interested in visiting them. Upkeep on historic buildings is costly. Once declared a national historic site, a building has to be kept up as it originally was. This means that plastic shutters can’t be put on windows when the original shutters were made of wood. Building materials have changed a lot over the years so this makes it more difficult to preserve historic sites.

An old church in midtown Kansas City needs to be restored. As we found there are ghosts here and it could be restored by having ghost hunts.
 Now some directors of historic sites are learning that allowing ghost hunts won’t ruin their reputation. Some have snubbed paranormal teams in the past that offer to do investigations. They thought that it would drive potential guests away from their sites. They are now learning that they can increase their revenue by allowing ‘pay to play’ ghost hunts. In a time when the Federal government has cut funding for historic sites, cities and historic societies are jumping on the ghost hunt bandwagon to keep their historic sites afloat.

The 1859 Jail and home. We have done pay to play ghost hunts here since 2014 and paid for many improvements to the structures. 
I’ve been a member of Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations for seven years and people always ask me if we are looking for new members or they want to know the date of our next public investigation.  We’ve been doing ‘pay to play’ ghost hunts at the 1859 Jail and Marshal’s Home in Independence, Missouri for four years. People find them so much fun that they come again and again. 
Guests investigate the upper cell area of the 1859 Jail.
The best thing about this is the money we’ve raised for the 1859 Jail and Marshal’s Home. We’ve paid for many improvements. We pulled up the old carpet in the museum and paid for new carpet to be installed. We also painted the museum ourselves. We’ve paid for a new roof on the one room schoolhouse that is on the property and have helped to fund their repair and upkeep account.

This was taken in the Alexander Majors Home in Kansas City. They've been doing ghost hunts for years to help fund their historic site. 
Not all historic sites are trying to restore and keep up their buildings. If you do a Google search you will find many haunted sites that allow people to come and hunt ghosts. Some haunted buildings are seen as money makers by their owners. They’ve learned that they can make lots of money charging people and paranormal groups for overnight investigations. These places are usually dirty and seldom safe to investigate. It’s best to find someone who has been to the location and ask them about their experience. Just be aware that these places exist.

The John Wornall Home in Kansas City, Missouri also has ghost investigations as well as daily tours.
Whether a historic site is using funds to restore or remodel their building(s), going on an overnight ghost hunt is exciting. It’s best to go in a group to many of these places due to the cost. For instance, a private overnight investigation at Waverly Hills Sanitorium runs from $1,000 to $1,500 for one night.

Members of Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations went to Waverly Hills Sanitorium in 2016.
Ashmore Estates is $129.00 per person for an overnight ghost hunt. Malvern Manor charges according to the day of the week. Costs run from $200 to $350.00 for the first five investigators then $25.00 per person after that. 

Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations has investigated Malvern Manor twice.
When going on these ghost hunts remember that you are on your own. Stay in pairs and use flashlights to be safe. Watch for debris on the floor, wires hanging from the ceiling, and be aware of stairs, open windows, and elevator shafts. You want to come home in one piece and not end up being one of the ghosts at the site.

The Marshal's office at the 1859 Jail. 
At the 1859 Jail, we don’t do overnight investigations. Our investigations last around five to six hours. We stay with our guests for the duration. First, we only charge $30 per person. We usually have snacks, coffee, and water for our guests. We take them on an initial tour informing them of the history and some of the activity, then we have sessions of about 45 minutes each throughout the night until about 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. depending on the activity. We let our guests use our K2’s (electromagnetic field detectors) and make sure everyone has a flashlight. We watch out for them and if someone is suddenly sick or feels faint we get them out of the room asap. We’re hands on but we encourage our guests to bring their own camera’s, recorders, etc. and we want them to ask questions and have experiences.

Our base at the 1859 Jail. We hand everyone a flashlight and allow them to use EMF detectors during the investigations.
One thing that we don’t do is provoke the spirits. That is one of the worse things to do. We know the spirits so well at the 1859 Jail that one night a voice came through the Echovox and said “They’re okay, they’re here a lot”.

Guests sit in a circle in the parlor of the 1859 Jails home. It may feel silly talking to things you can't see but when you get an answer it is exciting!
 Most of our guests enjoy the experience and many report being touched during the investigations. We have people come in who don’t believe in ghosts. At the end of the night they leave a believer.

The Bingham Waggoner Mansion in Independence, Missouri hasn't yet jumped on the ghost hunt bandwagon. 
Having ghost hunts at historic sites serves two purposes. One is to raise money to keep the site going. The second one is allowing people to come in and play ghost hunter for the night. This situation is a win, win for everyone. This preserves historic sites for future generations which is very important. It also allows people to discover there is more to our world than what we see.

The Vaile Mansion in Independence, Missouri hasn't started doing ghost hunts yet but it is rumored to be haunted. 
If you go on a ghost hunt at a historic site, please, please be respectful. Although the furniture usually isn’t original to the site, it is old and delicate. Also, don’t yell at or provoke the spirits. Even though people may not live at some historic sites, they do have docents that have to deal with whatever you have stirred up, so just don’t provoke. Be sure to take your camera and digital recorder to catch any mists or voices during your hunt. Most of all remember to be patient; spirits do not act on command. Happy hunting!  

Friday, March 16, 2018

Petalite - Used for Protection

There are several crystal stones that can be used for protection. Petalite is one of those crystals. Using crystals for protection is fairly common now. People who are finding or have found their spiritual side use crystals to help them through their daily lives. There is so much negativity and violence in our world, we need to shelter ourselves from the dark side and stay in the bright light of positivity and love.

Pink Petalite is one stone that can be used to help heal cancer.


Petalite is a tectosilicate mineral of lithium aluminum. It is also known as castorite. The elements in petalite repel negativity and protect the holder of the crystal. Man has known the power of petalite long before scientists analyzed its properties. In antiquity, Shamans used petalite in talismans to ward off black magic. It was used to promote safe contact with the spiritual realm. Petalite grounds one during spiritual communication.  

Our energy is fueled through our Chakra centers. 


Carry petalite on your body to activate your energy centers. Petalite purges guilt and fear. It also helps heal the endocrine system and is useful in the treatment of cancer and AIDS. Placing Petalite in a room also helps to dissipate electromagnetic energy omitted by TV’s and computers.

Meditation helps to control stress. Using  petalite enhances peace and stillness


Pink Petalite’s extreme high vibration can enhance meditation. Use petalite during meditation to achieve a sense of peace, stillness, and healing. It helps one find a strong spiritual connection. Those who are sensitive to spirit energy can use petalite to aid in clairaudience communication.

Many of us have emotional scars from our childhood that we need to release.


Petalite can bring clarity to one’s thoughts and release emotional baggage. It is also the stone of the heart Chakra. Petalite takes worries and concerns away and will increase your awareness.

Working with crystals takes time and thought. Crystals in and of themselves won't bring you what you need. You have to work with them. 


How will you get your petalite crystal to do all this for you? You work with it. Once you have a connection with a crystal you need to cleanse it and give it a job. Once you’ve given your petalite a job it will work for you.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Working With Crystals

The first thing I want to point out is that although there is energy inside crystals, this energy alone cannot give us what we expect from the crystals. We have to tap into the energy of the crystals using our own energy and our will to bring good things to us. Using crystals is a learning process.

Different crystals hold different vibrations.  Image credit: JosepMonter

A person wrote on my Facebook page that the only power a stone has is when you throw it. Obviously, this person didn’t take science class in school because everything on this earth is made of energy and holds vibrations. The key is learning how to use this energy and sync our vibrations with those of the crystals. This may sound complicated but it’s not really. It just takes patience and concentration.

Smokey Quartz is a powerful crystal that the ancient Druids held as a stone of power.  Image credit: Simcraft
There are several steps in the process of using crystals. The first thing that is the most important is choosing a crystal. We can pick a crystal from a website, book, or go to a crystal store and look at them in person. Holding a stone in our hands is the best way to choose a crystal. Think about the warmth and comfort you feel when you’re with your love, best friend, or even your dog. That same feeling can come from a crystal. Hold each crystal for several moments to see how it feels to you. If you focus on it you should be able to feel it vibrate. Choose the crystal or crystals that resonate with you. These are the crystals you can work with. 

Each crystal has it's own essence. The makeup of the crystal determines it's energy and vibrational frequency.
Purchase your crystals and take them home. Once you have them in your possession there are three things you need to do.

  1. Cleanse your crystal
  2. Connect with your crystal
  3. Set your intentions

Before starting these three steps think about your intentions or what you want your crystals to do for you. Do you want them to heal you physically or spiritually? Do you want them to bring harmony to your family or friends? Once you’ve made your decisions write each of your intentions down on a piece of paper. This will help you to remember them and keep the crystals on track.

Medicine pouches contain complimentary crystals that have one purpose. 

Once you know what your intentions are and have written them down you need to cleanse your crystals. There are several ways to cleanse crystals. If your crystal is the size of a fist you can bury it in the ground and leave it for 24 hours. This not only cleanses the crystal but recharges it with the earth’s energy.  A crystal can be cleansed by placing it in under the sun or full moon for four hours. Be careful of placing colored crystals in sunlight for too long. The sun can bleach them out. I cleanse my crystals by smudging. This practice originated with the American Indians. Smudging is using smoke to cleanse a space or an item. We can even cleanse ourselves with this smoke. Frankincense resin can be used so can Copal or White Sage. I use white sage and hold the crystal over the smoke, turning it to cover all of the sides of the crystal.

A smudging set can be obtained through Etsy or Amazon. Smudging is the easiest way to cleanse crystals.

Once you’ve cleansed your crystal you need to connect to it spiritually through vibrations. Sit upright in chair in a room where it is quiet. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Hold your cleansed crystal in your hands, close your eyes and focus on your faith, your belief in a higher power or the power of the earth, whatever your belief system is. Then concentrate on the things that make you very happy. This could be your family, friends, pets, or anything.  These strong emotional thoughts omit the highest vibrations. Through these high vibrations you will connect with the crystal. While in this state speak out loud, I ask that the highest vibration of light and love release all negative energy and any prior programming from this crystal.

We are drawn to crystals due to their color, texture, or shape. There is no right or wrong choice of a crystal. Image credit: Angelsover

Immediately after making this request you need to program your crystal. Set your intentions for the crystal. Hold your crystal over your third eye Chakra (the middle of the forehead right above the bridge of the nose). Speak out loud saying the intention for the crystal. This can be one intention or up to three intentions. These are the energies you want the crystal to hold for you. For instance, “I program this crystal to bring me serenity.” State this intention or intentions three times and speak in a firm tone. Once you’ve stated your intention(s) say “Thank you” three times. Then place the crystal on your nightstand, desk, or carry it with you in your pocket or purse. Take the paper with the written intention and put it under the crystal. If you carry your crystal with you put the written intention in a safe place where you can find it. This is to remind you what your crystal is working for.

Emeralds are one of my favorites. They hold protective ward off toxins.

Some people may not believe that using crystals in this manner will do anything to help them. The whole thing depends on the individual. Any metaphysical work depends on one’s energy, strengths, and abilities. I used to think I was as thick as a post and couldn’t feel energy or connect with anything from a spirit to a crystal. I was wrong. I found out that I can feel energy and connect to crystals and spirits. All it took was practice and belief in myself. Meditation helps us get to a higher plane. It not only helps us connect to our inner strength but it helps us connect to spirits as well.

We are energy and we hold powerful vibrations within us. Image credit Digital Artist

There is a power within each of us that lies silent until we choose to use it. Our minds are much more powerful than we think they are. There are ways to delve deep into our minds and consciousness. To start simply just remember positive thoughts bring good things and negative thoughts bring bad things. We have the power to bring change into our lives, crystals are the tools provided by the earth that we can use to make this change.   

Sunday, January 28, 2018

My Take on Ghost Adventures

Jay Wasley, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, and Billy Tolley make up the Ghost Adventures crew. Image credit: GAC

Many of my friends and relatives watch Ghost Adventures each week and there are mixed feelings about Zak Bagans and his Ghost Adventures crew. Some people love the show and others don’t but no matter what you think of the show it is entertaining.

I like Ghost Adventures because I like the crew. Aaron Goodwin is my favorite. He is expressive, funny, and honest. Aaron makes me laugh. I don’t think that is the intention of the show but there are times that it is pretty darned funny.

Ghost hunting takes you into some dark and dirty places. This was a basement of an old building we investigated in the river bottoms. Image credit: Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations


These guys started out by making a documentary in 2007. The documentary was made in Virginia City, Nevada and in the course of filming they caught a full-bodied apparition on video. It is dark and transparent but it is there. My friends in the paranormal community agree that is why they got their show on the Travel Channel.

By October of 2008 Ghost Adventures was on the air. The first episodes were rather calm. The guys would get voices on the spirit box and calmly converse with the spirits. There was no jumping or running and screaming in those early episodes.

Waiting for the Tempod to go off in the 1859 Jail. Ghost hunting is a waiting game. Image credit: Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations


Although the running is rare, the jumping and screaming is in many episodes. I think what happened is that their executive producers told them that they needed to be more dramatic. Drama makes better TV. If the guys jumped when they were a bit scared or screamed like a little girl now and then it would make the show more exciting. Ghost hunting is boring unless you get into a place that has extreme activity and that is rare. They had to liven it up a bit.

Paranormal investigators that don’t work in front of the cameras don’t over react. We calmly sit in the dark for hours waiting for a reaction, voice, noise, or anything. When we get a voice, we ask questions to try to get as much information as we possibly can. Spirits don’t perform on command and getting a conversation going with a spirit rarely lasts long. Spirits are constantly on the move and most don’t want to reveal much.

Guest investigators waiting for something to happen at the 1859 Jail. Ghosts don't respond on command. Image credit: Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations


Another thing many people may not know is that one episode of Ghost Adventures may take a week to film. The paranormal group I’m in knows the owner of one of the places the Ghost Adventures crew investigated. It took them one week to get enough evidence to put into their hour show. There is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, that proves the evidence on the show is real. This is how paranormal investigating works. Like I said before, ghosts don’t perform on command. We have to remember that spirits were once human beings and we all know how cantankerous humans can be.

Oddfellows Asylum in Liberty Mo. The GAC investigated here in 2015. Image credit: Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations

Another reason I watch Ghost Adventures is that I like to see where they go. I have a bucket list of haunted places that I want to go to and sometimes after seeing one of their shows I end up adding a new place to my list. Of course, they get into places that small groups like mine couldn’t get into without paying an astronomical price.


Several of my friends and I agree that there are times that Zak Bagans gets a little too dark. He seems to go after evil entities in a way that can be dangerous. He’s admitted to having things attached to him which I hope that he has gotten rid of by now, but this is worrisome. 


Zak has his Haunted Museum which is filled with some of the creepiest things I’ve ever heard of. Most of his collection supposedly has dark things attached to them. The Dybbuk Box which has a frightening history of giving people nightmares and making its owners sick was donated to Zak’s museum after it was supposedly sealed. Now it apparently has brought a black-cloaked figure into the museum that has been seen by Zak and many guests. Zak also has Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s death van and the chair that Michael Jackson received his Propofol injections in. To sum it up, visitors have to sign a waiver that states they are aware of the risks of entering the museum. To say that Zak Bagans is obsessed with death is an understatement. I’m also fascinated with what is on the other side but I think Zak takes it to a whole new level.
Learning to sense energy can come in time. Although it's not considered solid evidence of the paranormal, it helps investigators to know where the spirits are located. Image credit: hhopus


Another thing I've noticed in the recent episodes is how in tune the guys are with spirit energy. I don't doubt that they feel spirit energy because once you have investigated the paranormal for many years, you learn to pick up on energy in a room. Some people are more sensitive to this energy than others. It just depends on how much you can open yourself up to it. 

Overall, I enjoy watching Ghost Adventures. I love Aaron Goodwin and the guys and hope they continue on past their tenth anniversary this year. I also hope they don’t get too involved with the darker side of the paranormal. There are some things in this world that are better off left alone.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

My Obsession with Moon Energy

The full moon is mesmerizing. Image credit Acteivedia

When I was a child my Mother taught me about the moon and the constellations. We lived in a small country town so the moon and stars were bright and easy to see. Mom told me about the man in the moon and we would look for his face on the lunar landscape. We would find the big dipper and the little dipper. If we’d only had a telescope we could have seen so much more.

As an adult, I’ve been mesmerized by the moon. Standing under a full moon makes me feel happy. The moon energy is positive and it lifts me up. I love staring at it. There is something magical about the moon and its presence.
A face starts to manifest in the IR light on a jazz stage in a club in Kansas City. Image credit: Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations 


When I became a paranormal investigator, I learned more about moon energy. Investigations performed during a full moon have more activity than other investigations. Spirits are intelligent energy and they are fueled with energy from many sources. They can pull energy from electronics, people, thunderstorms, and the full moon. The full moon energy gives spirits the strength to communicate with us.


My personal experience has taught me that the full moon energy can also make people crazy. For over 30 years I worked in banking and finance. There were certain days that things went haywire and people were just plain crazy. Seeing the weird things going on I’d always check the moon phase and sure enough it was during a full moon.


Many people who work with crystals do full moon rituals. These rituals consist of getting rid of things in your mind that do not serve you. The full moon is considered a new beginning and gives us a new start. The full moon energy helps us move forward and set new intentions. These rituals are a great way to help one get focused. They help in making decisions and going forward with a clear mind.

The Native Americans called the January full moon the Full Wolf Moon. Image credit: Patrice_Audet


The Native Americans respected the environment and held everything in reverence. They named each of the full moons during the year. The January full moon is the Full Wolf Moon, named for the wolves they would hear howling outside their villages. The full moon in June is the Full Strawberry Moon. This name came from the short season left to harvest strawberries. We need to be in touch with our environment as the Native Americans were. 


Ancient peoples viewed the moon as a representation of life and death. The moon also played a part in certain religions and myths.
A scene of the Underworld from ancient Egypt. The moon was associated with death and rebirth. Image credit: Souza_DF
The Egyptians saw the moon as a symbol of recurring rebirth. The lunar god wasn’t worshiped like the sun god Aten; however, the moon was associated with the deceased and the underworld.

In Greek mythology, Selene was the goddess of the moon. Selene had a moon chariot that she rode across the heavens and she ruled over all the stars.

In religion and myth, the Romans thought Luna was the personification of the moon. The Roman writer Varro held Luna as one of the gods that was very important to agriculture. 
The Farmer's Almanac advises farmers when to plant seeds using phases of the moon. 


The power of moon energy is used by the Farmer’s Almanac. They use the phases of the moon to determine the proper times to plant crops and flowers. This makes sense since the moon energy can create ocean and earth tides, it would also effect plants.
The 1859 Jail in Independence Mo under the full moon. Our investigations here during full moons never disappoint us. Image credit: Dusk 2 Dawn Paranormal Investigations

No matter how you view the moon it is fabulous. The moon’s magnetic forces create the energy to pull the tides and move the earth. This energy also gives us a boost by rejuvenating us. This energy can also make some people a bit crazy. It gives spirits the ability to do more such as communicate with the living. So next time there is a full moon go outside and look at it. Bask in it’s light and energy; open yourself up and see if you feel the difference. It’s really amazing. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sexual Misconduct - "Times Up"

The "Me Too" movement has changed the way women are viewed in the workplace.
Some people might be getting tired of hearing all the accusations of sexual misconduct that is currently being railed against men in high places. The sad fact is that these men are everywhere. They are school teachers, bus drivers, CPA’s, lawyers, and business men who all have spotless reputations. Why are their reputations spotless? Because the women they harassed, molested, or raped never came forward. These women never told anyone because they were ashamed. Ashamed of what happened to them because they blamed themselves. They blamed themselves because that is what society told them to do. Women were to blame for men’s sexual misconduct. How ridiculous is that?


Thankfully things are beginning to change. Just because a woman dresses a certain way or acts a certain way, doesn’t mean that she is “asking for it”. I heard that a lot when I was young. “Well, she was asking for it.” Who in the hell came up with that?  When would a woman asked to be harassed, molested, or raped?  Never!

We have to make changes for our children's sake.


Thousands of these men will never be accused because they aren’t in the spotlight. These men have become husbands and fathers. They are now in a position where they have to protect their wives and daughters. I wonder how they feel about sexual misconduct now and do they regret their actions in years past?


I have to admit that I was hurt when the Minnesota Senator was accused. I believed the accuser; it’s his fall from grace that hurts. I thought he was a great guy. I used to watch him on Saturday Night Live doing his Stuart Smalley skits. He seemed so sweet and kind; yes, I know it was an act. I guess I thought the real guy was somewhat like Stuart. I was wrong. It’s disappointing when you look up to someone, admire them, and believe in them. Any bad behavior, like sexual misconduct, from this person would be the last thing you would ever think of. Then the shoe drops.

I haven't been surprised by some of the other Hollywood elite that have been accused. The women who were trying to make their way in Hollywood dealt with horrible decisions. I can’t imagine having to sleep with a boss to get a job. That’s not only disgusting, it’s immoral. How many good actresses quit acting and went home because of these slime balls? I had dreams of being an actress when I was young but who didn’t?  I ended up going into banking and finance. I later found that sexual misconduct was rampant in the finance world.

I was excited to be living and working in Kansas City. Little did I know I would learn more than finance while I was there.


In 1984 I moved to Kansas City and got a job in a large bank. It was a trust department where one wall was lined with offices filled with men (they were the bosses) and seated at rows and rows of desks throughout the large room were the women workers. I became one of those workers and was excited about my new job. I was making new friends and enjoying being a city girl for once. However, I quickly learned that sexual misconduct was the norm and the women tolerated it. I wanted to fit in, so I did too.

The male managers would come out and make all kinds of remarks about the way women were dressed, some would even ask us how our sex life was! One manager in particular was old enough to be my father. He would come up behind me, lean over my shoulder, and tell me how he wanted to bite my neck. I was young and naive, and didn’t want to make waves. I wasn’t sure how to deal with this, so I laughed it off. I would tell him to stop in a friendly tone but it was never long before he was back again. This went on for four years. I was lucky to finally get out of that “sweat shop”, as I called it.

I transferred to the trust tax department where I was working for a woman. I was much more comfortable working in that department but there were male investment advisers there and one of them had an eye for me. Most of our interactions were harmless flirting. Looking back, I realize that some of it could have been classified as harassment.
Men may be in charge of big corporations but they aren't immune to falling from their towers.


As long as men are running the world, women will have to fight for their rights. We will have to work harder, speak louder, and most of all, support each other. Women have proved that there is nothing men can do that they can’t. Women can be cunning and manipulative like men as well. I worked for one of those women but that’s another article.  

We must stick together and support each other in our fight for respect.

We must stick together and stand up against sexual misconduct. This includes women who try to get by with it as well. Those women need to be reprimanded just like the men. The superb speech at the Golden Globe awards made by America's real first lady stated it perfectly “Times up!” we all need to stand firm on this and have zero tolerance for sexual misconduct  everywhere!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Spirit Communication - Is a Loved One Trying to Contact You?

Have you ever lost someone close to you and sometimes felt like they are trying to communicate with you from the other side? Have you ever caught the scent of cologne that the deceased person wore or had wind chimes ring when there is no breeze?

When our loved ones leave us, they can come back to check on us. If you were extremely close to someone who passed, I believe that not only will they check on you but they will watch over you.

Spirits aren't always visible. Sometimes you can feel their energy.


In the 1980’s my best friend Joni and I worked in a very stressful department in a bank. We hadn’t known each other very long but our circumstances drew us closer together. We used to walk together through the halls and catwalks going to and from lunch, or taking documents to other departments. We leaned on each other during hard times.

In 1988 Joni was diagnosed with leukemia. She fought it for two years but it took her life in 1990. I was devastated. I was lost without her. Not long after she passed I was walking over to another building and suddenly Joni popped into my head. I thought of how much I missed her and how she had such a strong energy. As I started across the catwalk I had a really intense feeling that she was actually there walking beside me. I suddenly stopped and slowly turned around. I didn’t see her but I felt her energy there. I smiled and stood there for a moment. I’m sure whoever was reviewing the security cameras thought I had a screw loose. I felt that she was there to comfort me and let me know that she was okay. After that, somehow, I knew I could go on without her.

A cardinal may suddenly appear to let you know that your loved one is watching over you. Image credit: skeeze


Spirits have different ways of getting our attention:

Cardinals will appear at opportune times.  

Lights will flicker.

Your dog or cat will stare at something that you don’t see.

You hear the voice of your loved one calling your name or saying something they used to say.

You hear the type of music your loved one used to listen to.

Something is moved to a place where you didn’t put it.

You see white figures moving in your peripheral vision. They go by doorways or peek around corners.

You smell the cologne that your loved one used to wear then it dissipates.


Some people don’t believe in ghosts until they have an encounter that they can’t explain. There are coincidences, of course, but a large number of coincidences isn’t likely. Don’t be quick to dismiss all of these events. There comes a time when we have to be open-minded to discover new things. Many people that want to have a paranormal experience never seem to have one. I think this is because they are quick to dismiss the odd things that happen.

Have you ever had a situation where you’re trying to solve a problem, then you suddenly think of a deceased loved one? Then you think of a solution to your problem. Spirits can communicate with us without speaking by putting thoughts in our heads. Mediums usually communicate with spirits through mind to mind communication. Our minds are amazing things. The sad fact is that we don’t use them as much as we could.
Wind Chimes are lightweight and easy for spirits to move. Image credit: StarbuckATC


I lost my Dad in 2004. He was a huge gardener. He grew every vegetable and fruit that he possibly could in the Midwest. Dad was particular about his garden tools being cleaned and put away as well as the way his garden was kept. We had a shed at the back of our property where we kept the gardening tools and the mowers. After he passed, one day I had been working in the yard and went into the house without shutting the doors to the shed. When I went out later to shut the doors, I noticed they were already shut and latched. I walked up to the shed and was trying to figure out how in the world those doors could be shut. My Mother told me later that she didn’t do it and there was no one else on the property. As I was looking around I looked down on the walk where the cement block had been holding the door back. Clear as day there was a wet mark on the walk in the shape of an E. The dampness on the bottom of the concrete block should have left the imprint of an 8. It didn’t, it was an E. My Dad’s name was Everett. I immediately knew it was a sign from him and I felt his energy present. I looked up, smiled, and said “thanks, Dad”. I knew that if Dad would have been alive he would have been scolding me for not shutting the doors to the shed. That time he shut them for me.

My Mother passed in 2015. She always enjoyed the sound of my windchimes when she was alive. Now and then, she likes to ring my windchimes that are inside the house. Many times, I just sense her being with me.
Investigating the paranormal has taken me to some incredible places. A white anomaly was caught in the choir loft of a 100-year-old church.  Image credit: G Gamble


I joined a paranormal team in 2010. Mom always wanted to go on an investigation with us when she was alive, but she wasn’t physically able to do so. I’ve received several messages from my Mom since she passed. My dear friend is a medium and Mom knew her. Now Mom drops in and talks to my friend without notice. My Mother is a very strong spirit! She came through when my cousin was having a reading with another medium. He called me to tell me that she came through and wanted him to tell me that she loves me. That experience really got to me. Mom also likes to drop in during investigations and play with our equipment. Gone is the older lady with Alzheimer's who was confused and heartbroken. Now my Mother is strong and energetic. 

We are energy. When we die that energy moves on to another form.


Whatever your beliefs are, there is life after death. The laws of thermodynamics state that “energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.” We are energy. When we die that energy (or soul) changes form. What happens after that is a great mystery. I do know from my paranormal experiences that many spirits are happy. Spirits are like we are. Some are sad, some are angry, and others are just lost. Some spirits are watching over family members like my Mom and Dad, and I am very thankful for that.

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